A deposit requirement and an activation charge is required on all metered services.

The City of Irving reserves the right to hold or delay service requests for any of the following reasons:

  1. Incomplete application
  2. The lack of proper documentation to activate the account, such as a lease, closing paperwork or photo ID
  3. Service location recently disconnected for nonpayment
  4. Unpaid balance left from a prior account.
  1. Residential
  2. Commercial

New Residential Customers

New residential customers are required to pay a minimum deposit of $75. Other deposit information is as follows:

  • Your deposit may be higher than the minimum if you had previous accounts for services with an unsatisfactory payment history.
  • The deposit will be refunded to your account following a full 12 months of service provided you have not had more than two late payments on the account.
  • If any deposit money is in escrow on your account when you close your account, the deposit will be applied to the balance on your final bill.
  • If applicable, any remaining balance will be automatically refunded to you, within 45 days, by check if the balance is $10 or more. You will need to request a refund for balances of less than $10 by calling Customer Service at (972) 721-2411.

Waiver of Deposit

The deposit can be waived in certain circumstances for residential customers, including:

  • You are over 65 years of age and provide a letter of credit from another municipal water utility or another utility company (on company letterhead) along with proof of age.
  • You have a current account for services with us that has been active for a minimum of 12 months and the account is not currently delinquent; has not been disconnected during the past 12 months; has not had more than two delinquent payments during the last 12 months; and, there have not been any checks or electronic debits that were dishonored by your bank.
  • You had a similar account for services within the past three years for a minimum of 12 months; the account was paid in full; services were not disconnected for nonpayment during the last 12 months of service; there were no more than two delinquent payments during the last 12 months of service; and, no checks or electronic debits were dishonored by your bank.