Irving Values You!

The Value of Municipal Services campaign highlights the various services, amenities and infrastructure assets managed by the City of Irving on behalf of the residents, visitors and businesses in the community. Launched in November 2020, the campaign includes data and information from fiscal year 2019 to Sept. 30, 2020 and touches on most aspects of city operations. 

The campaign aims to showcase the work performed by the city and the value of those efforts to the community, as well as to pull back the curtain and help educate stakeholders on a wide variety of city services and amenities.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on city operations, some 2019 data is presented in order to provide information during a normal (nonpandemic) year.  

Sound Governance

Irving Values Governance: Meet the Mayor and Council

Fiscal Responsibility

Irving Values People: A look at the city's demographics

Water Infrastructure

Irving Values Water Infrastructure: Learn how water gets to your faucets.

Parks and Recreation

Irving Values Parks and Rec: The city works hard to provide numerous ways to play.


Irving Values Transportation Infrastructure: Fun facts about the city's road infrastructure.


Irving Values Public Safety: The FAC offers victim services and family counseling.


Irving Values Public Safety: Interesting facts about Irving Fire Department.


Irving Values Libraries: Fun facts about library visitors, checked out items and online services.

Arts and Culture

Irving Values Community Enrichment: Fun facts about the Irving Arts Center.

Municipal Court

Learn about the Irving Municipal Court's duties and functions.


Irving Values Engagement: See stats on how the community engages with Irving on social media.

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Irving Values Visitor Economic Impact

Human Resources

Dedicated Workforce: View the Vision, Mission and Value Statements of Irving employees.

Code Enforcement

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