Conflans Water and Wastewater Project

Irving residents within the Sherwood Forest Subdivision and along Conflans Road will see major water and wastewater improvement construction beginning this summer. 

The Conflans, Huntingdon, Lincolnshire, Little John and Nottingham Water and Wastewater Improvements Project was approved during the March 11, 2021 Irving City Council meeting. The $5.4 million project will affect 131 residential properties along with Barton Elementary School. The goal of the project is to maintain and extend water, wastewater and stormwater systems in the area. 

This project is a collaborative effort by the City of Irving Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Water Utilities departments.

The project is part of the Water Utilities Department’s priority replacements. This project will replace the water and wastewater mains along Conflans Road (King Richard to Cambridge), Huntingdon Drive (Conflans to Yorkshire), Huntingdon Court (the entire street), Lincolnshire Drive (Conflans to Yorkshire), Lincolnshire Court (the entire street), Little John Drive (Conflans to Huntingdon) and Nottingham Drive (Conflans to Yorkshire).

Additionally, the project supports the city’s Road to the Future program. Once construction is underway, crews will replace the current pavement with full-width reinforced concrete pavement and sidewalks along Lincolnshire Drive (Conflans to Yorkshire), Lincolnshire Court (the entire street), Huntingdon Drive (Conflans to 418 Huntingdon Drive), Huntingdon Court (the entire street) and Little John Drive (Huntingdon to 500 Little John). A full-width mill and overlay of the asphalt pavement will be performed along Conflans Road (King Richard to Highland Park), Nottingham Drive (Conflans to Yorkshire), Huntingdon Drive (418 Huntingdon to Yorkshire) and Little John (500 Little John to Conflans).

Construction is expected to begin in late summer 2021 after Atmos Energy and Frontier finish relocating gas mains and communication lines in the area. 

Funding for this project is available through the city’s Water and Sewer System Non-Bond Capital Improvement Program Fund, Sanitary Sewer Bond Fund and the Street Improvement Bond Fund.

Project Documents

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Project map, outlining the streets affected by the City of Irving's Conflans Road project.

Project Info

Status: Active
Phase: Design
Construction Timeline: June 2021 - January 2023
Location: Lincolnshire Drive and Court; Little John Drive; and Huntingdon Drive and Court  

Project Contact

Matthew A. Estridge, P. E.
P: (972) 721-2749
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