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The City of Irving’s Legislative Insider program seeks to empower the city to make local decisions that protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. Actively monitoring federal and state legislation ensures the city can advocate, respond and/or oppose measures that might diminish the city’s ability to function effectively or erode its authority to govern over its own local affairs in the best interest of residents, businesses and visitors. During the 2019 Texas legislative session, out of the over 7,500 bills introduced, more than 2,000 pieces of legislation filed affected cities in some way.

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Legislative Affairs Office

The City of Irving’s Legislative Affairs office advocates, coordinates and advances the city’s legislative agenda to enhance Irving’s ability to govern and provide essential municipal and community services. The purpose of the program is to ensure the city’s interests are protected and enhanced through active involvement in the legislative process and strong intergovernmental relationships. Irving engages legislators and agency representatives at all levels, and does so with the assistance of legislative consultants. The city’s legislative efforts include providing written responses and in-person testimony to the state legislature by City Council members and city staff on issues important to the community.

On Dec. 10, 2020, Irving City Council approved the 2021 State Legislative Program for the City of Irving. The city’s legislative program priorities were identified through input from city staff, legislative consultants, other professional organizations and input provided by the City Council. Adoption of a legislative program identifies issues that are important to the city and establishes a unified voice for Irving on the legislative needs of the community. The legislative items are not presented in priority order and the City Council may modify or amend its legislative agenda at any time to address items as they arise.

  1. State of Texas 87th Legislature Adjourns, For Now

    The 87th session of the Texas Legislature adjourned on May 31. Provided are updates on bills previously highlighted by Irving Insider, as well as plans for a special session in the fall. Read on...
  2. Update: House Bill 652 Passes Texas House, Moves to Texas Senate

    A bill filed in the 87th Texas Legislative session has the potential to create a perception that there are constant disease outbreaks at animal shelters, possibly reducing public interest in adopting shelter animals and increasing instances of euthanasia. Read on...
  3. Police Spending Bills Could Reduce Other City Services

    Several bills under consideration by the state legislature would require cities to maintain spending levels for their police departments regardless of the department’s needs or other city priorities. Read on...
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