2021 Agendas | Convention and Visitors Bureau Board

Dec 13
Dec 10Executive Committee
Dec 3Board and Business Development Committee -  Cancelled
Nov 15
Nov 12Executive Committee
Nov 9Destination Development Committee
Oct 22Special Meeting
Oct 12Community Engagement Committee
Sept 27
Sept 24Executive Committee Amended
Sept 24Executive Committee Strategic Planning Retreat 
Sept 23ICVB Board Strategic Planning Retreat
Sept 10Board and Business Development Committee
Sept 9Destination Development Committee
Aug 23
Aug 20Executive Committee
Aug 10Destination Development Committee
July 19Amended
July 16Executive Committee
July 13Community Engagement Committee
June 28
June 25Executive Committee
June 11Board and Business Development Committee
May 24
May 21Executive Committee
May 4Destination Development Committee
Apr 26Amended
Apr 23Executive Committee
Apr 6Community Engagement Committee
Mar 22
Mar 19Executive Committee
Mar 12Board and Business Development Committee
Feb 22Amended
Feb 19 Executive Committee
Feb 12 Board and Business Development Committee
Feb 9  Destination Development Committee
Feb 3  Community Engagement Committee
Jan 25
Jan 22  Executive Committee
Jan 12   Community Engagement Committee - CANCELED