John Argumaniz #969


John Argumaniz #969 CA

My name is John Argumaniz, and I am from Grand Prairie, Texas. In January 1996, after serving in the Marine Corps in California, I was hired as a police officer in Northern California. In 2005 my wife and I made the decision to move from California to Texas. I conducted a lot of research on various departments in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and decided that the Irving Police Department would be the best fit for me. I was hired as a lateral officer by Irving PD in November of 2005. From my initial contact with an IPD recruiter and continuing through the hiring process, everyone in the department was very welcoming and supportive. After being hired, I received the same friendly and helpful reception, which helped confirm that I made the right decision by joining the Irving Police Department.

The decision to move my family (wife and two small children) halfway across the country was not easy. I would be taking a significant pay cut; however, due to the cost of living, I was able to maintain my quality of life. The opportunities and benefits provided by Irving PD make it one of the best agencies in Texas. Irving is a well-respected agency known for its quality officers and professional work. Many things make Irving, Texas, a great place to work, but I think the most important thing is the community support for law enforcement. I noticed the difference between California and Texas as soon as I hit the streets. People are much more friendly and appreciative of what we do. This support is vital to a successful and healthy career as a police officer.

The opportunities offered by the department have allowed me to transfer to multiple specialized sections and promote to my current position. I am confident that my decision to move to Texas and work for IPD was the best choice for my family and me.

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