Anthony Alexander #1343


Anthony Alexander #1343 GA

My name is Anthony Alexander, and I am a lateral police officer from the State of Georgia. I have been employed by the Irving Police department for four months.  About a year ago, my wife and I talked about me leaving law enforcement. I loved the job, but the hours were long, and the pay wasn't great. I would often find myself doing overtime or off-duty work to make ends meet. The long hours took away from time with my wife and three children. In pursuit of a better lifestyle for my family and me, I began to look at agencies within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When I came across the Irving Police Department, I was impressed by the lateral officers' compensation package and the career advancement opportunities. I applied for the next civil service exam, and a few short months IPD hired me.  My background investigator and other Officers within the department helped us find affordable housing in a great school district and lucrative employment for my wife.   Being an out-of-state officer, I was required to attend the basic peace officer academy. The academy is 24 weeks long and set up like a college course. With prior experience, the academy truly feels like a refresher course. I’ve met great people on and off the job that have welcomed me to Texas with open arms. The decision to leave Georgia wasn’t easy, but thus far, it has been well worth it.

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