Darryl Moore #1213

Darryl Moore

Darryl Moore #1213 GA

My name is Darryl Moore. I started my law enforcement career in Georgia, but after five years, my wife and I moved to Texas, where I was hired by the Irving Police Department.  I have been working for the City of Irving for three years and have no regrets. The Officers within IPD were welcoming, and the members of the department appreciated my experience. I have been given many opportunities to grow and develop my skills as a well-rounded Police Officer.

Throughout my three years with IPD, it has been affirmed that the department has a great relationship with the City Council and the Community. On countless times, appreciation for us wasn’t just vocalized but also displayed via gifts from local businesses or approval of pay increases. During this current time in the US, it can seem unimaginable that things are going so well in Irving, but I’m grateful to say they are. Officers are encouraged to do their job professionally without fear of backlash. Considering that, IPD is a civil service agency which comes with many benefits. One benefit is the set protocols in place for promotions and termination. The department avoids unfair practices by laying out the rules and procedures for both. Every Officer is given the same opportunity to succeed. 

IPD’s salary is also very competitive. At my previous agency, overtime was not a luxury but a necessity. As an eight-year lateral Officer in Irving, I am topped out in pay and more than doubled my base salary, allowing my family and me to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Through thoughtful actions and teamwork, the City of Irving has created a professional, safe, encouraging work environment for its officers. I am grateful to do what I love for this city and agency. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

To contact Officer Moore: dmoore@cityofirving.org