Joseph Nogales #1326


Joseph Nogales #1326 NM

My name is Joseph Nogales and I moved to Texas from Albuquerque, New Mexico in June of 2020.  At the time of the move, I was married and had two small children both under the age of two.  The biggest reason I came to Texas was for the quality of life. The cost of living was comparable to where I was previously living but the crime is drastically lower. The Texas public school system is also better than the public-school system in New Mexico. Those are important to my wife and me since we have children. The housing market is also good in Texas.  Even though housing costs have gone up across the nation, the DFW Metroplex is relatively affordable in my opinion. My wife and I are currently in the process of closing on a new home and we were able to get more home for our money than we would have back in Albuquerque. 

Prior to moving, I worked as a law enforcement officer for a large department.  Even though I appreciate the experience I obtained from that department, there were things that the Irving Police Department had to offer that I could not ignore.  I was hired by the Irving Police Department in June of 2020.  I received a substantial pay increase once I was hired.   My base salary income increased by roughly $22,000.  Irving also provides a lot of good pay incentives such as fitness pay, education pay and shift differential.  Irving is also Civil Service which is important to me.  Having a form of job security is indispensable in law enforcement.   The community support that the Irving Police Department has is also a huge bonus.  

The application process was smooth and the investigator responsible for my application was really helpful.  He answered every question I had and was kind to my family.  Everyone else in the department that I have met have also been really kind.  They have made me feel at home from the time I was hired.  It’s difficult to sum up all the positive experiences I have had since being hired.  But if it tells you anything, I try to get every officer I used to work with to apply for Irving PD.  

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