Ronald "Greg" Black #1137


Ronald “Greg” Black #1137 TN 

I lateraled to Irving via a large County in East Tennessee with 8+ years’ experience almost 6 years ago. I may be different from some in that I was very happy at my agency and only moved here for my wife’s job. However, the move has been a great benefit to us both, I over doubled my pay on the first day and with all the other incentives I make close to triple what I made at the county. 

The pay and benefits are without question a huge reason to consider Irving but the grass here is as green as a department can get. The Department itself is big enough that there are positions available for just about any interest but not so big that people get lost in the shuffle. They take the hiring and screening process very seriously which makes for a better department. Once hired they give extra incentives for education, training, night shift, and the list goes on. 

Where this department really shines is the community. While yes there are difficult individuals the city government and citizens are super supportive of Law Enforcement. There are no talks of defunding the police and you will very often be thanked by citizens for your service. Drive around many neighborhoods and you’ll see “Back the Blue” signs in people’s yards. I have even had citizens come to my aid when I was pinned between cars by an auto theft suspect. 

The lateral process for out of state can be a bit daunting, having to attend a full academy but in the end, it was not bad. It works for a “reset” and to learn Texas Laws that can be a bit different than what you’re used to. I was never treated as a “new recruit” and was looked at as an asset due to having previous experience. While you start from the bottom of seniority when time comes to transfer to other units, previous experience is taken into consideration. 

If you are looking to transfer to the DFW area I can’t recommend Irving enough. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my very best to answer. 

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