Joshuah Smith #1160

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Joshuah Smith #1160 TX

I became a Police Officer in December of 2006. I worked for another agency in the DFW metroplex from December of 2006 till January of 2016. I worked as a patrol officer and a patrol corporal my entire career to that point. The Irving Police Department hired me in January of 2016. I worked in patrol for the first four years.  In March of 2020 I became an investigator working in the General Assignment Unit.  In October of 2021, I began working in the Crimes Against Persons (CAPERS) Unit within the Criminal Investigation Division. There were many benefits to joining Irving PD. Some of those benefits included opportunities to transfer to different divisions, pay increases that allow me to put more into retirement, a larger city with numerous working environments, and having plenty of staffing to assist in high stress/high demand situations.

Irving Police Department has numerous lateral transfer officers in every section of the department. I believe this shows what type of an agency it is; that it can attract people from all over the country, from established careers, to move or just apply to work for this department. Officers from other agencies bring their expertise and experiences with them to make this a better agency. It was difficult to take the first step of going to a new agency and “starting over.” You do loose the seniority that you had, but if you are looking at other agencies, there is clearly something your department is missing.

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