Scott Hodgins #1152


Scott Hodgins #1152 LA

In 2015, I had been working at my police department for eight years, including the last two as a Homicide Detective.  Living in Baton Rouge, I was in a good place and enjoying my career. Then, my wife had a job opportunity with the caveat of moving to Dallas/Ft. Worth.  After careful consideration, I began researching police departments in the area, focusing on working for a sizeable department with plentiful opportunities to move around and grow. During that time, I came across the Irving Police Department, which stood out from the rest.   The pay was exponentially better from where I came from, with the benefits being just as good as well. I had a hard time finding many negative things about the department.  I decided to apply, took the civil service test in late April of that year, got hired, and my first day with the Irving Police Department was less than two months later.  It was the only department I applied for, and knowing what I know now, I am very glad I did it.

My family and I love living in Texas.  It truly is a proud and unique state.  The state supports the police.  The schools are great, the cost of living is low, and the economy is booming.  I get frustrated at times when I look back at Louisiana and compare it to Texas.  I often wonder what things would be like if Louisiana would just do more things like Texas. 

The support for the police department is outstanding in Irving.  The City Council does what they can to continuously make the police department better.  You can drive all over the city and see signs in people’s yards supporting the police department and backing the blue.  It makes you feel appreciated and that you are doing a good job for the citizens of Irving and Texas.  

I truly encourage any police officer from any part of the country who is not happy with where they are in their career, their current department, or any other reason to consider making a lateral transfer to the Irving Police Department.

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