Mike Rains #1349


Mike Rains #1349 OR

I was previously employed by a law enforcement agency within the Portland metro area of Oregon. In hopes of giving our kids a better future, my wife and I decided to move to Texas. I have been employed with The Irving Police Department since December of 2020 and have been impressed thus far. It has been apparent that Irving is held to a high standard. 

Texas's economy and housing market are a lot more affordable than the Portland metro area, including the west coast. Also, there are many different school options, and several public schools offer bilingual options.

As it relates to income, I was making roughly $79,000 at my previous department before overtime. In Irving, as a lateral officer with three years of experience, I started at $76,764, but after you factor in that there is no state income tax, the pay is very comparable.

I have enjoyed being a member of the Irving Police Department and believe the decision to move will continue to have a great impact on my family and me. 

To contact Officers Rains:  mrains@cityofirving.org