Nicholas Resor #1273


Nicholas Resor #1273 MI

I am originally from Jackson, Michigan, and I went to school at Ferris State University. After college, I moved down to Texas to work for the Irving Police Department. I have been with IPD for almost two years and am assigned to the Southern Patrol Division.

I was drawn to Irving specifically for a few reasons, opportunities for positions in specialized divisions, community support, and of course, the starting salary. Working in a large department presents the opportunity to work in various specialized divisions; from the Mental Health Response Team to SWAT, we have almost anything you can think of.

Another reason why I chose the Irving Police Department was the community support. Irving residents frequently come up to us and express their appreciation which is appreciated.

Finally, the last reason I chose IPD was because of the pay. Starting out, Officers make $66,324, and you get pay increases every year until you top out at $88,836. 

When I first moved to Texas, I knew pretty much no one thankfully the Officers are welcoming, so it’s easy to make friends. Also, we are right next to Dallas, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet people there. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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