Jesse Faurot #1041


Jesse Faurot #1041

My name is Jesse Faurot, and I have been with IPD for 13 years. I grew up in Michigan and went to College in Ohio. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Upon completing college, I began looking all over the nation at different police agencies to apply. My search ranged from Nashville PD, Border Patrol, Las Vegas Pd, ect. Lastly, I discovered Irving PD, and decided to add this to my list. After applying with all agencies, I had received some interviews, or was asked to continue with the process.

After comparing every agency with IPD a couple of things really stuck out, and why I wanted to be in Texas. For starters, the pay scale at most agency’s take 20 years to top out in pay where IPD only took 5.5 years. This was a big selling point to me when deciding where I wanted to go. Also, I focused on the cost of living for the area, and it was reasonable compared to other areas I was looking at. Working in the snow didn’t sound ideal to me, and the Texas weather is enjoyable most winters. Then it came down to movement within the agency. IPD offers a lot of movement to different divisions. Based on all of these factors I felt IPD was the best fit for me.

I have worked in both the North and South Patrol Divisions and Community Services Division. I was a FTO (Field Training Officer) for IPD. I work on IPD’s Peer Support team, and Mobile Field Force Unit. IPD has allowed me opportunities for me that I don’t believe I would have had at another Police Departments. Lastly IPD provides me with the best tools to do my job.

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