Lana Donahue #1351


Lana Donahue #1351 NY

My name is Lana Donahue and I was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus. In 2006, I made my first big move to New York City.

However, as time passed by, my husband and I started realizing that this hectic NYC lifestyle was not for us. We were fortunate to have a friend in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area who we visited from time to time. We enjoyed our visits so much that we made a mutual decision to move to the great state of Texas.

In preparation to move, I did my research on multiple police departments in the area, applied to them, and took their tests. However, the moment I walked into the South Station of Irving Police Department, I realized it was the place I wanted to be a part of. I was greeted so warmly that it made me feel at home. The IPD Personnel Department was always available to answer my questions and assist me. The hiring process was great and transparent with clear-cut expectations from me and the department.

I have been a part of IPD for almost two months now and have still enjoyed this process and move. My family and I are excited not to have pay for our son’s school anymore because the public schools here are so great. We can use that money to invest in other fun activities and in our lives outside of work. We currently are house hunting and are excited to be able to afford a house twice the size of our New York one.  

The Irving Police Department offers a great working atmosphere, a lower cost of living, lack of state income tax, and great weather (for the most part). I am now a Texan for life and am proud to serve the amazing people here.

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