Danielle Hicks #1333


Danielle Hicks #1333 TX/CO

My name is Danielle Hicks and I am a new patrol officer here with the Irving Police Department. In 2018 I graduated from Texas A&M University and moved to Denver, Colorado where I worked as a restaurant server for a year and a half. It took me awhile before deciding to go into law enforcement, but before I knew it, I was traveling down to take the written and fitness exam for Irving. Soon enough, I was packing up and moving across state lines.  The transition was a little overwhelming seeing that I was moving to a new city by myself where I didn’t really know anyone, but I quickly realized that Irving is a great place to call home. The department ensured I was taken care of through the process and checked in with me regularly before my start date. Although I miss the Colorado mountains, Irving has a lot of great qualities that I enjoy. Not only is the cost of living significantly cheaper, but Irving has a lot of parks and jogging paths that are great for getting out of the house and enjoying the warm weather. Moving to a new state is always a stressful process, but the comfort I’ve found here in Texas has made it all worth it. I’m proud to work for such a respectable department and for a community that’s so welcoming and inviting. I went from being a server living on tips to serving a community that cares for their police department and takes every opportunity to show us their support. Irving is truly a one-of-a kind place and I wouldn’t trade the process for anything. 

To contact Officer Hicks:  dhicks@cityofirving.org