Ronald Parsley #1118


Ronald Parsley #1118 CA

 I previously worked for two Police Departments in California. My family (wife and six children) and I moved to Texas from the SF Bay Area in 2013.  

 My wife and I began looking to move for our children's future and their quality of life.  One of the draws for my family to move to Texas was the schools. 

There is a stark difference between public school ratings and education in Texas as compared to California overall. 

 Another monumental draw for our family to move to Texas was future employment for our children.  Where we lived in California, our children would have to battle obnoxious amounts of traffic both ways to and from work (up to two-hour or more one-way drives).  Both of my adult children have found IT careers in the Dallas area, and they can work from home or drive minimal amounts of time to and from work. 

 I have found that there are more career choices in closer proximity compared to where we previously lived in California. 

 I have been treated very well by everyone in the organization.  I have also been treated very well by the community members of Irving.  We also have great support from the City Council, City Manager, and Mayor.  My wife and I have had the conversation numerous times about changes we would make in our life but have remained consistent regarding our move to Texas, which was overall the best move for our family and especially our children.  I am glad we made the decision almost eight years ago, and we have zero regrets!

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