Carolyn Monson #1158


Carolyn Monson #1158 CA

 My name is Carolyn Monson, and I am from Madera, California. I have worked at the Irving Police Department (IPD) for almost six years. I am currently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and work in the Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Section. Prior to working at IPD, I was enlisted in the United States Army (Active Duty) for six years, which brought me to Texas. When I decided to transition from the military, my husband and I chose to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area instead of moving back to California. What helped with our decision to reside in Texas was that the cost of living is more reasonable and extremely lower than in California, which benefited my family while searching for our first home. California cities have a 38% higher cost of living than the average city in the nation. Texas also has better employment opportunities for additional family members who also make the transition and superior schools, which was important because our son was becoming of school age.

 Despite having applied to other agencies in the area, Irving PD was the most welcoming. The department was open to working with my military transition and had the most to offer. IPD holds the reputation of being a distinguished agency with great benefits, pay, and a 2:1 retirement match. There are also different hiring qualifications if you are former military. If you have completed three or more active military service years and are applying within 18 months of your discharge date, the college hours requirement is waived. Other benefits apply to those transitioning out of the military, such as GI Bill benefits while on training status, Veteran’s preference points on initial testing (5 points), and 15 paid military days per year for reserve service. IPD treats their officers with respect, and there are numerous opportunities within the department to advance your career. Nothing is handed to you. Do the work, earn your place, and the possibilities are endless.

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