Dabrion Brooks #1175

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Dabrion Brooks #1175 TX

Hello, I’m Officer Brooks. I have worked for the Irving Police Department for four and a half years. I served as a patrol element for three and a half years and then transferred to our School Resource Unit. As a lateral transfer, I was treated with the utmost respect and felt welcomed. Even though my seniority restarted, I was never treated like a rookie, and it was apparent that my previous experience was valued.

The Irving Police Department was an attractive option for several reasons. I received around a $25,000 pay increase starting out. The step raise for pay was frozen at my previous department for around six to seven years. As a training officer, I was making the same amount as my trainees. Irving also offers pay incentives for shift differential, fitness, and proficiency certifications.  

Retirement benefits were a strong consideration. Since I came from another Texas agency that contributes to TMRS/TCDRS, my retirement eligibility date remained unchanged. TMRS/TCDRS acknowledged my years of service with my previous agency, so even though I started over in terms of seniority, my retirement was unaffected.

There are multiple opportunities for growth and unit transfers within the Irving Police Department. Patrol service allows officers to find their niche and work towards transferring to a specialized unit. You are able to have many interests and spend your career exploring different units if desired.   

Police support in Irving is phenomenal. City council and citizens voice their support of the department regularly. It is not uncommon to be reminded that our service and dedication are appreciated. The department genuinely cherishes the relationship between officers and the community, offering several opportunities to get involved through outreach programs.    

To contact Officer Brooks:  dbrooks@cityofirving.org