Brandon Porter #1270


Brandon Porter #1270 AR

My name is Brandon Porter, and I am a lateral from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. My journey to Irving PD started because my wife was offered a great career opportunity in the DFW area, which led to us relocating here. Once she accepted the offer, we started getting everything in order so that we could have a smooth transition. It’s only the two of us, so the process of relocating was not too difficult.

I was at a great department in Arkansas and enjoyed everything about it. My coworkers and I were like family and built lasting relationships. I found out about Irving through one of my friends from my previous department. He told me that he knew people who worked at surrounding agencies who had applied with IPD and that they had only positive things to say about the department. After hearing all the good news, I applied and fortunately was hired.

I’ve been a part of Irving PD now for about a year and a half, and I can honestly say that applying here has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I have met great people who have made me feel like I’ve always been here. Everyone is very professional, encouraging, and welcoming. The salary and benefits are very competitive, and I received a significant salary increase from my previous department.

I’ve noticed since I’ve been here that the community is very supportive of law enforcement. Many citizens usually let us know that they do and have shown mostly kindness. I’ve participated in many (support) law enforcement group runs and mini-marathons where there has been a huge turnout of citizens showing support not only in Irving but in the DFW area. All in all, I’m glad to be here and thankful that I was awarded the opportunity to continue my law enforcement career with the Irving Police Department.

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