Oak Meadows Park: Under Construction

Updated Nov. 4: Trail construction will begin at Oak Meadows Park on Nov. 7. The trail will be approximately one-quarter mile in length and 8 feet wide. 

When the park is completed in 2023, it will have new site lighting, exercise stations, picnic tables and a small playground. 

Currently, Oak Meadows Park is a 5.57-acre undeveloped property located at 2900 Condor Drive. The land was donated to the city by the developer of the nearby Graff Farms neighborhood. Plans are underway to improve the property to a full neighborhood park.

Oak Meadows serves as a neighborhood park and is intended to provide a recreation opportunity for the local community within a quarter- to half-mile radius.

Review the Materials

Interested parties are invited to review the presentation made March 8, 2021, to the City of Irving Parks and Recreation Board to gain more information. 


Project Info

Status: Active
Phase: Construction
Construction Timeline: November 2022 - August 2023

Project Contact

Gene Moulden
CIP Planning Manager
P: (972) 721-2719
Email Gene Moulden