Peter Bowden #1120


Peter Bowden #1120

 I have worked at the Irving Police Department since 2013.  After working as a police officer in the suburban Denver, CO area for nine years, I came to this agency.  While I was happy with my previous agency, my wife and I wished to relocate to be closer to family members who live in the DFW area.  We were also attracted to the outstanding school districts in the area for the sake of our children’s future.

I was drawn to the Irving Police Department because they were a medium-sized agency with a robust lateral transfer program.  Being able to start here with a top pay rate was a huge plus.  When I added on financial incentives for having a college degree, being physically fit, and working night shift, I saw my pay increase.   Later, I was able to earn additional incentives for having a master peace officer license, serving as a training officer, and longevity pay.

Going back through a police academy was sometimes frustrating, but it allowed me to learn how Texas is different as it relates to the law and culture. In hindsight, it was not a big deal and was relatively easy to get through.

While in field training, the other officers I worked with treated me as an equal.  It was a fun experience getting to work as a two-officer unit, something I had never done before.

After two years in patrol, I was asked to become a field training officer due to my performance.   I gladly excepted the position.

While I had numerous opportunities to transfer to a specialized division, I opted to try to promote.  Promotions at the Irving Police Department are based on a written test score, with additional points added based on years of service with the city of Irving.  The promotion process was different from the agency I came from, where relationships with others internally usually controlled who received career advancement opportunities. I reaped the benefits of a more straightforward process by taking the test and promoting to the rank of sergeant in 2020.

The Irving Police Department has outstanding support from the community, which is quite diverse.

The agency also values and rewards hard work and positive attitudes.  I have seen many lateral and new officers come to the agency, apply themselves, and be rewarded for their efforts by being transferred to specialized units, often quite quickly.  

While I do miss enjoying the many outdoor recreational opportunities living in Colorado afforded me, I have no regrets about moving to Texas.  It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.     

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