Brien Wargacki #1189


Brien Wargacki #1189 TX

Before becoming a police officer, I worked in the Irving Police Department jail as a detention officer and eventually moved to a detention supervisor position.  I worked in the jail setting for approximately 9.5 years. I left Irving Jail in 2013 and became a police officer for a department in South Dallas. I worked there for almost four years, but something inside of me missed IPD. In 2017, I returned to Irving as an officer. Within the first two years, I became a member of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit and transferred to the Traffic Division Motor Unit.

The community support in Irving is excellent. Once I started as a patrolman, I instantly noticed that the community really cares about the department.

I was nervous at first coming back to Irving because I was the new guy again. I had to make a name again for myself and prove my work ethic. It did not take long before I hit the ground running in Irving and ultimately received the New Officer of the Year Award because of my activity. I am 100 percent glad I returned to the Irving Police Department.

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