Observation and Memory Sample Questions

Look at the following images for 10 minutes and then answer the questions.  You may NOT look at the images for reference once your 10 minute study time is over.


You are not allowed to go back to the images to review them once the 10-minute study time is over.  


1. What was Benjamin Siegel's crimes?

A.  Any number of mafia related crimes from the 1920's through the 1940's including murder

B.  Murder only

C.  Organized crime

D.  None of the above

2.  Where was Siegel was shot to death?

A.  Chicago, IL

B.  Anytown

C.  Beverly Hills, Ca

D.  Los Angeles, CA

3.  Driver #1 in the accident requires corrective lenses to operate a motor vehicle.

A.  True

B.  False

4.  According to the Investigation Report, Patrol Vehicle 407 noticed:

A.  An unknown object

B.  A motor vehicle accident

C.  10-88

D.  A light

5.  The motor vehicle accident in the report occurred in what year?

A.  1988

B.  1979

C.  1927

D.  1981