Emergency Management

  1. Outdoor Warning System Tested First Wednesday of Month

    Irving's Outdoor Warning System sirens are meant to warn residents and visitors who are outdoors only. Those inside buildings or in noisy areas may not be able to hear it. Read on...
  2. Stay Prepared for Emergencies

    Being prepared ahead of time for disasters and emergencies is very important. These components allow everyone to better respond when an event takes place. Read on...
  3. Emergency Management Offers Preparedness Guide

    An Emergency Preparedness Booklet is available at the Emergency Management website to assist residents in preparing for potential disasters. The booklet includes information about the most threatening natural and man-made disasters in North Texas. Read on...
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The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordination of city services during a disaster. This includes creating plans to help the City of Irving be prepared, training with all departments throughout the city and exercising those plans. It also includes setting up the Emergency Operations Center when a large emergency has occurred.

OEM is actively looking for opportunities to build relationships with the public, as well as private businesses.

Emergency Assistance

When assistance is needed for police, fire, and medical emergencies, call 911. The following are non-emergency assistance contacts:

Be Prepared

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Irving's Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator offered tips on emergency preparedness during a program at the South Irving Library.