Municipal Drainage Utility


The Municipal Drainage Utility (MDU) is involved in all aspects of stormwater management. The MDU is directly responsible for three separate divisions, engineering and design, maintenance and operations, and permitting compliance. The engineering group is responsible for designing new structural controls, remediation of old infrastructure, and various neighborhood drainage projects. The operations and maintenance group is dedicated to keeping Irving’s waterways clean and free of any debris or sediment, and providing small repairs to conveyance channels throughout the city. The permitting compliance group manages the City’s TPDES (Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit with the state regulators which allows us to continue discharging stormwater into the greater watershed of the Trinity River. 

The MDU also oversees and assists with various tasks with environmental integrity in mind such as construction site stormwater inspections, public education and outreach, and assisting with stormwater concerns.

City staff work to construct and maintain a variety of infrastructure projects every day.
Surveyor looks through his surveying instrument.
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