Neighborhood Planning

The City of Irving's Neighborhood Planning initiative is a grassroots outreach effort to neighborhood communities designed to help residents achieve their desired future for their community.

If you and your neighbors are interested in forming a Neighborhood Association, please call the call the Communications Department at (972) 721-7600 for guidance on getting your group started and connected.  

Once your Neighborhood Group is organized, the Planning and Zoning team will be eager to assist you in describing your neighborhood's vision for its future and so your neighborhood's goals can be better incorporated into the City's long range plans.

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Sample Stable Neighborhood.  Brick homes.The overall purpose of the neighborhood planning process is to engage the residents in creating a vision for the future. The expected elements of each plan include:

  • Data and analysis of current conditions in the neighborhood.
  • Summaries of input from the survey and meetings.
  • Residents’ vision for their neighborhood.
  • Clear, achievable, and measurable goals and objectives for implementation which may include:
    • Construction of sidewalks, light posts, landscaping or other streetscape items.
    • Changes in the future land uses in the area, and rezoning to allow those uses.
    • Targeted economic development efforts and incentives.
    • Connection to housing rehabilitation and preservation funding.
    • Code enforcement focus areas or programs
    • Needed parks and greenspaces.