Green Business Program

What is the Green Business Certification Program?

Created by the City of Irving Green Advisory Board, this voluntary, automated, self-reporting program to promote environmentally friendly practices in the business community. This program encourages green practices and provides marketing opportunity to businesses.

How to sign up

The Green Business Certification Program (GBC) checklist is all digital! Click on the checklist link below, and select all of the items that apply to you. If you reach a score of 170 or above, you are a Green Business! 

You will also be recognized on the City of Irving Think Green Be Green page. 

When you hit submit, you will receive email confirmation within a week stating whether you have qualified. If you do qualify, you will receive an electronic graphics package that would allow the business to use the GBC logo on your materials (letterhead, website, publications, menus, etc.)

Tips and Tricks

  • We advise determining a champion from your business to spearhead your participation in this program. Choose one person to be the main point of contact for the city. 
  • Having trouble reaching 170 points? Coaching is available! Contact Melissa Baker, and she will get you in contact with someone to help you out. 
  • Does the list not fit your business? This is a new program, and is always evolving. Contact Melissa Baker and let her know the list doesn’t work for your industry.