Pending Cases


Below is a link to an Interactive Map of recent or pending cases. Only applications filed in the past 24 months are shown. When logging into the map, if you enter your property address in the top left corner of the map, it will zoom to that area of the city so you can see which cases are "active" in your area. If a colored parcel appears nearby, you can click on that parcel to see a pop up containing information about the current status of that case.

Also below is a table describing recent cases and whether they are currently active.

Providing Feedback

Every land use decision made helps shape the future of the City for decades to come. That is why it is critical for the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, and City Staff to hear what the public thinks about proposed changes to land use rules for sites their neighborhood. There are multiple ways to make your voice heard:

  • Return Your Public Notice-If you received a notice about a case in the mail, fill it out, sign it, and mail or e-mail it back to us, or just send us an e-mail with your message. 
    • Our Mailing Address is: 
      • Planning and Community Development Department,     
      • PO Box 152288    
      • Irving, Texas  75015-2288
    • Our E-Mail Address is
  • Sign a Petition: If you and your neighbors wish to organize your message and input, you may start a petition clearly stating a position either for or against a case. Each person who signs the petition needs to provide their printed name, signature, their address, and the date of signature. A petition can be mailed or to our department at the addresses above, or hand delivered to the Planning and Zoning offices on the 2nd floor of City Hall, at 825 W. Irving Blvd.
  • Speak at the Public Hearing: Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings are open to the public. One may attend these meetings, and sign up to speak regarding any item on the posted agenda. This is often the best way to make your voice heard.  You may sign up online, in advance, to indicate you wish to speak before the Planning and Zoning Commission.  If you wish to speak before City Council, you must sign up on-site immediately prior to the public hearing.  


Zoning Case Schedule (PDF)


The City of Irving receives many requests to change the Zoning (the rules for allowed land uses) of properties. The process for most of these requests is that they are reviewed by City Staff, presented to and considered at a Public Hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission, which then makes a recommendation to City Council. Ultimately, the City Council determines, at a second Public Hearing, whether a requested Zoning Change should be granted.

Prior to the Public Hearing, cases are advertised in the newspaper, and public notices are mailed out to the owners of surrounding properties within a distance of 200 feet from the proposed Zoning change, per state law. Notices are also sent to the local school district, per state law, and as a courtesy to registered neighborhood associations within that distance. Some types of cases have larger notification distances.

These notices will identify the Case Number, the location of the case, what is being requested, the time and date of the scheduled public hearings.  

If you receive such a public notice, if you wish, you may return the form or email us to indicate whether you support or oppose the requested Zoning Change, indicate whether (and which) nearby property you own or represent, and the reasons for your support or opposition to the case.  Such public feedback is useful when determining whether a proposed change in allowable land uses will benefit a neighborhood or not.  All such correspondence must be received in writing.

Pending Zoning Cases-(Submitted After April 5, 2021)

List of Pending Zoning Cases
Case # Description-As presented for initial Technical Review (some requests may be modified prior to advertising) Status
ZC21-0017 & MF21-0003 Zoning Case & Multifamily Concept Plan– 
Approx. 3.65 acres located at the NWC of Belt Line Rd and World Cup Way.  

Requesting S-P-2 (R-MF-2 and C-N) “Generalized Site Plan – Multifamily 2 and Neighborhood Commercial uses” 
ZC21-0018 Special Fence Project Plan–  10561 Duckling Dr. 
Requesting to permit the construction of a 6-foot tall wooden fence on the property line within the front yard setback on a Single Family lot.
Case Denied
ZC21-0019 &
Zoning Case & Multifamily Concept Plan– 
Approx. 6.87 acres located at 6000 and 6300 Love Dr. 

Requesting S-P-2 (R-MF-2) “Generalized Site Plan – Multifamily uses”. 
Case Approved
ZC21-0020 Zoning Case – 1908 W. 5th St. 
Requesting S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan - Single Family uses”  to construct an additional detached garage and a  detached patio cover.

Case Approved
ZC21-0021 Zoning Case - Toyota Music Factory

Revising their previously approved site plan for S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed Site Plan for a Restaurant with the Attendant Accessory use of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for On Premises Consumption” to allow additional office space.
Case Approved

Zoning Case- 1875 N MacArthur Blvd

A request for C-W Commercial Warehouse zoning. 
Case Approved
ZC21-0023 Zoning Case – 1111 W. Airport Fwy., #131.
Revising their previously approved site plan for S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed Site Plan for a Restaurant with the Attendant Accessory use of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for On Premises Consumption” to enlarge their restaurant.

Case Denied
ZC21-0024 Zoning Case – 608 Sunny Ln and 1003 Hilltop Dr. 

Requesting  S-P-2 (R-TH) “Generalized Site Plan – Townhouse uses”
Case Approved
ZC21-0025 Zoning Case – 7170 SH 161. 
Revising their approved site plan for S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed Site Plan for a Restaurant with the Attendant Accessory use of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for On Premises Consumption” (aka Shake Shack) to add a drive thru.
Special Fence Project Plan– 1701 Kinwest Pkwy (aka 2101 Kinwest Pkwy). 

Requesting a variance for the requirement of a screening fence along the east side of the property. 
Case Approved
ZC21-0027 Zoning Case - Approx. 1.0 acres located at 1720 Landmark Rd. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-OU-2) “Detailed Site Plan- Commercial Outdoor 2”. The applicant wants to expand the existing commercial use to an adjacent lot.  A Comprehensive Plan Amendment may also be required.
ZC21-0028 Zoning Case – Approx. 3.18 acres located at 712, 718, 802 Hilltop Dr. 

Rezoning to to S-P-2 (R-ZLa) “Generalized Site Plan for Zero Lot Line Single Family”  The applicant wants to create a 21-lot subdivision for zero lot line homes. 
ZC21-0029 Zoning Case – Approx. 8.4 acres located at 1450 E. Airport Fwy. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-OU-2) “Detailed Site Plan for Commercial Outdoor 2”.  This request to to modify the previously required landscape buffers following changes in the SH 183 right of way.  
Case Approved
ZC21-0030 Zoning Change – Approx. 576 sq. ft. located at 2621 Edinburgh St.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential”. Applicant is requesting to replace their carport with a garage.
ZC21-0031 Zoning Change – Approx. 308 sq. ft. located at 302 W. 7th St.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-7.5) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential”. Applicant is requesting a variance to allow encroachment of side yard setback adjacent to a street.
ZC21-0032 Zoning Change – Approx. 2350 sq. ft. located at 3524 W Airport Fwy, #120.

Rezoning to S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed Site Plan - Restaurant with Alcoholic Beverages”. Requesting a rezoning for Knockout Tacos to be able to sell alcoholic beverages.
Case Approved
ZC21-0033 Zoning Change – Approx. 4,329 sq. ft. located at 2001 W. Irving Blvd.

Rezoning to C-C "Community Commercial". 
Case Approved

Zoning Change – Approx. 5.7 acres located at 1451 Greenway Dr.

Rezoning to ML-20a "Light Industrial". 
Case Approved
ZC21-0035 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.30 acres located at 1909 Edgewood Dr.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) "Generalized Site Plan - Single Family Residential". Applicant is requesting to rezone in order to build an attached porch to the existing home
ZC21-0036 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.449 acres located at 1776 E. Grauwyler Rd.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) "Generalized Site Plan - Single Family Residential". Applicant is requesting to rezone to allow a flag lot.
Case Approved
ZC21-0037 Zoning Change-Approx. 2.4519 acres located at 1500 N. Loop 12. 

Rezoning  to S-P-2 (ML-20) “Generalized Site Plan - Light Industrial” uses including outside storage of inoperable vehicles. 

Possible Comprehensive Plan Amendment
ZC21-0038 Zoning Change-4117 Bering Way

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) "Generalized Site Plan - Single Family Residential". Applicant is requesting a variance to allow a swimming pool within a side yard setback.
ZC21-0039 Zoning Change – Approx. 14.41 acres located at 8555 Home Depot Dr. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-C) “Detailed Site Plan – Community Commercial” uses including outdoor storage and display & tool and truck rental. Applicant is requesting to expand the building to add truck and equipment rental as well as outdoor storage and display.
ZC21-0040 Zoning Change-Approx. 46,739 sq. ft. located at 2206 Rock Island Rd. 

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single-Family Residential”. Applicant is proposing to build 5 single-family homes with variances to the lot width and front setback.
ZC21-0041 Zoning Change – Approx. 58,405 sq. ft. located at 1700 E. Airport Fwy. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 (P-O) “Detailed Site Plan – Professional Office” uses including used auto sales. 
ZC21-0042 Zoning Change – Approx. 6.03 acres located at 5225 Bear Creek Ct. 

Rezoning to S-P-2 (ML-20) “Generalized Site Plan – Light Industrial”. Applicant is requesting a variance to the parking requirements for a warehouse.
ZC21-0043 Zoning Change – Approx. 500 sq. ft. located at 105 Tucker St. 

Rezoning  to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential” to allow a shed on a two-foot encroachment into the required seven-foot side and rear setbacks, including a one-foot encroachment into a utility easement.
ZC21-0044 and 0045 Zoning Change – Approx. 25.5 acres located at 2 Royal Ln. & 4701 W. Royal Ln.

Rezoning to FWY with no site plan. Cases will possibly be combined into one case.
ZC21-0046 Special Fence Plan – Approx. 0.586 acres located at 1344 Boyd Dr. 

Applicant is requesting a Special Fence Plan for a six-foot tall metal fence on the property line.

ZC21-0047 Zoning Change – Approx. 10,900 sq. ft. located at 1208 W. 6th St. 

Rezoning to R-3.5 "Two-Family Residential" to allow for a duplex development.

ZC21-0048 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.453 acres located at 121 W. John Carpenter Fwy. 

Rezoning to C-C "Community Commercial".

ZC21-0049 Zoning Change – Approx. 16.81 acres located at 6300 Longhorn Drive & 6101 E. Campus Circle Drive. 

Rezoning S-P-2 (C-O) “Generalized Site Plan – Commercial Office” uses for a reduction to the required parking.

ZC21-0050 Zoning Change – Approx. 11.2 acres located southeast of the intersection of SH 161 and Las Colinas Blvd. 

Applicant is requesting to change the previously approved S-P-1 for R-AB boundary with a revised building footprint (related cases ZC19-0091 and DVP19-0005).