Pending Cases


Below is a link to an Interactive Map of recent or pending cases. Only applications filed in the past 24 months are shown. When logging into the map, if you enter your property address in the top left corner of the map, it will zoom to that area of the city so you can see which cases are "active" in your area. If a colored parcel appears nearby, you can click on that parcel to see a pop up containing information about the case number and current status of that case.

Providing Feedback

Every land use decision made helps shape the future of the City for decades to come. That is why it is critical for the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, and City Staff to hear what the public thinks about proposed changes to land use rules for sites their neighborhood. There are multiple ways to make your voice heard:

  • Return Your Public Notice-If you received a notice about a case in the mail, fill it out, sign it, and mail or e-mail it back to us, or just send us an e-mail with your message. 
    • Our Mailing Address is: 
      • Planning and Community Development Department,     
      • PO Box 152288    
      • Irving, Texas  75015-2288
    • Our E-Mail Address is
  • Sign a Petition: If you and your neighbors wish to organize your message and input, you may start a petition clearly stating a position either for or against a case. Each person who signs the petition needs to provide their printed name, signature, their address, and the date of signature. A petition can be mailed to our department at the address above, or hand delivered to the Planning and Zoning offices on the 2nd floor of City Hall at 825 W. Irving Blvd.
  • Speak at the Public Hearing: Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings are open to the public. One may attend these meetings and sign up to speak regarding any item on the posted agenda. This is often the best way to make your voice heard.  You may sign up online, in advance, to indicate you wish to speak before the Planning and Zoning Commission.  If you wish to speak before City Council, you must register on-site within 30 minutes prior to the public hearing. Registrations for both meetings cease upon the start of the meeting.


Zoning Case Schedule (PDF)


The City of Irving receives many requests to change the Zoning (the rules for allowed land uses) of properties. The process for most of these requests is that they are reviewed by City Staff, presented to and considered at a Public Hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission, which then makes a recommendation to City Council. Ultimately, the City Council determines, at a second Public Hearing, whether a requested Zoning Change should be granted.

Prior to the Public Hearing, cases are advertised in the newspaper, and public notices are mailed out to the owners of surrounding properties within a distance of 200 feet from the proposed Zoning change, per state law. Notices are also sent to the local school district, per state law, and as a courtesy to registered neighborhood associations within that distance. Some types of cases have larger notification distances.

These notices will identify the Case Number, the location of the case, what is being requested, the time and date of the scheduled public hearings.  

If you receive such a public notice, if you wish, you may return the form or email us to indicate whether you support or oppose the requested Zoning Change, indicate whether (and which) nearby property you own or represent, and the reasons for your support or opposition to the case.  Such public feedback is useful when determining whether a proposed change in allowable land uses will benefit a neighborhood or not.  All such correspondence must be received in writing.

Pending Zoning Cases

Case Number Summary-Cases are removed 2 months after resolution
Newer cases are at the top of the list.
ZC23-0011 & CP23-0003 Zoning Change – Approx. 261.43 acres. Located at 2020 S. Nursery Road, 2241 Walton Walker and 2245 Walton Walker 

Rezoning to S-P-2 (ML-20)

Change the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map  to “Industrial”
ZC23-0010 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.3502 acres. Located at 1700 E. Airport Freeway 

Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-OU-2) and State Highway 183 Overlay District Including Used Sales and Rental of Autos and Light Trucks with Automatic Carwash
ZC23-0009 &
Zoning Change – Approx. 13.1957 acres. Located at 4951, 4961, and 4971 Courtside Drive.

Rezoning  to S-P-2 for R-6 “Site Plan (Generalized) – Single-family Residential”

Change the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map to “Residential Neighborhood”
ZC23-0008 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.260 acres. Located at 2751 N. State Hwy 161.

Rezoning to S-P-2 for C-C & Warehouse “Site Plan (Generalized) – Community Commercial and Warehouse” to allow variances to the side and rear setback lines
ZC23-0007 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.073 acres. Located at 335 W John Carpenter Fwy.

Rezoning to S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed Site Plan – Restaurant with attendant accessory use of the sale of alcoholic beverages
ZC23-0006 Zoning Change – Approximately 0.04 acres. Located at 2230 N Walnut Hill Drive. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 for R-AB Restaurant with Alcoholic Beverages.
ZC23-0005 Zoning Change – Approximately 1.5 acres. Located at 1477 E. Irving Blvd. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 for C-C “Site Plan (Detailed) for Community Commercial” with automobile washing business: automatic, coin operated or moving line wash, automotive parts and accessories, sales and installations, automotive sales, and service, new or used cars and trucks, outside storage of vehicles.
ZC23-0004 and CP23-0001 Zoning Change-Approximately 6.164 acres. Located at 8001 Mustang Drive. 
Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Amendment to “Compact Neighborhood”

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-TH) “Generalized Site Plan – Residential Townhouse” to develop 78 townhomes.
ZC23-0003 Zoning Change – Approximately 4.172 acres. Located at 3906 W Airport Freeway. 
Rezoning to S-P-2 for FWY uses “Generalized – Site Plan for Freeway” uses including
ZC23-0002 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.031 acres. Located at 3017 W Rochelle Road. 

Rezoning to S-P-2 for R-6 “Generalized
ZC23-0001 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.61 acres. Located at 2605 W Airport Freeway.

Rezoning to C-N “Neighborhood Commercial”
ZC22-0087 Zoning Change-Approximately 0.25 acres. Located at 507 Cox Drive.

Rezoning to S-P-2 for R-6.
ZC22-0086 Zoning Change – Approximately 7.545 acres. Located at 101 & 310 N. Rogers Road. 

Rezoning to S-P-1 for R-AB, including event center uses, outdoor market retail, gun range and associated retail activities 
ZC22-0085 Zoning Change – Approximately 0.206 acres. Located at 2326 Fairfax Drive. 

Rezoning to R-3.5 “Two-family Residential” 
ZC22-0084 Zoning Change – Approximately 0.167 acres. Located at 4701 Alcazar Court. 

Rezoning to S-P-2 for R-6 “Site Plan (Generalized) for Single-family Residential”

Approved 2/23/2023
ZC22-0083 Zoning Change - 4513 Windsor Ridge Dr

Request for a variance to the rear yard setback
Administratively Closed 12/28/2022
ZC22-0082 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.66 acres. Located at 3804 Jackson Street.

Rezoning to P-O “Professional Office”

Denied 2/23/2023
ZC22-0081 Zoning Change – Approx. 2,400 sq. ft. Located at 212 S. Main Street.

Rezoning to S-P-1 (HCD-CMU) “Detailed Site Plan – Heritage Crossing District – Corridor Mixed Use Subdistrict”

ZC22-0080 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.65 acres. Located at 731 E. Royal Ln.

Amending Ordinance 7101 to allow a density of 86.7 units per acre in PUD 4 (Planned Unit Development #4)
ZC22-0079 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.558 acres. Located at 804 Hackberry Road.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (P-O) “Generalized Site Plan – Professional Office” and Self-Storage Uses 
Denied 2/23/2023
ZC22-0078 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.622 acres. Located at 1303 S. Irving Heights Drive.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential” to construct three single family homes.
Approved 1/12/2023
ZC22-0077 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.190 acres. Located at 2609 Edinburg Street.

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential” to allow a carport
ZC22-0076 Zoning Change – Approx. 19.512 acres. Located at 2488 Market Place

Rezoning to:
• Tract 1: S-P-2 (C-C) “Generalized Site Plan – Community Commercial” and self-storage
• Tract 2: S-P-2 (C-C) “Generalized Site Plan – Community Commercial”
Approved 12/8/2022
ZC22-0075 Zoning Change – Approx. 7.636 Located at 4335 W Northgate Drive

Rezoning to S-P-2 (C-W) “Generalized Site Plan – Commercial Warehouse” and State Highway 161 Overlay to allow outdoor storage parking
Denied 12/8/2022
ZC22-0074 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.74 acres
Located at 330,404, 418 Fleming Avenue and 2005 and 2009 SH 356

Rezoning  to S-P-2 (R-TH) “Generalized Site Plan –
Townhouse Residential” to allow townhouse development.

Potential Comprehensive Plan amendment
Indefinite Postponement 2/9/2023
ZC22-0073 Zoning Change – Approx. 4,844.50 sq. ft. Located at 2003 Royal Oaks Drive

Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan –
Single-family Residential 6” to allow variances to lot size, lot depth, driveway length, and front
and rear yard setbacks.
Denied 1/12/2023

ZC22-0072 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.504 Acres located at 1701 N Belt Line Road

Rezoning from C-C “Community Commercial” to S-P-1 (C-C) “Detailed Site Plan – Community Commercial” for automated car wash and related uses.

Potential Comprehensive Plan amendment.
Approved 12/8/2022
ZC22-0071 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.139 acres. Located at 1809 E. Shady Grove Road

Rezoning  to S-P-2 (C-W) “Generalized Site Plan – Commercial Warehouse” to allow office and outdoor storage for semi-truck parking.

Requested Comprehensive Plan amendment.
ZC22-0070 Zoning Change – Approx. 1.813 acres. Located at the NEC of Ranch Trail and IH-635

Rezoning to S-P-1 (R-AB) “Detailed
Site Plan – Restaurant with attendant accessory use of the sale of alcoholic beverages for
on-premises consumption” to allow the current restaurant to serve alcohol beverages, and a variance to the setback requirements of Chapter 33A of the Land Development Code
Approved 12/8/2022
ZC22-0069 Zoning Change – Approx. 10.54 acres. Located at 7810 & 7815 Jetstar Drive

Rezoning to ML-20a “Light Industrial 20a” to allow warehouse distribution, light manufacturing and wholesale office uses.

Potential Comprehensive Plan amendment.
Indefinite Postponement 2/23/2023
ZC22-0068 Zoning Change – Approx. 6.159 acres. Located at 7880 Bent Branch Drive

Rezoning to S-P-2 (ML-20) “Generalized Site Plan – Light Industrial” for a setback variance to allow a new outdoor amenity.
Approved 12/8/2022
ZC22-0067 Zoning Change-Approx 1,256 sq. ft. Located at 1150 W Pioneer Dr.

Rezoning to S-P-1 for R-AB to serve alcohol, specifically beer, with food.
Application Fee Pending
ZC22-0064 Zoning Change and Multifamily Concept Plan – Approx. 3.307 acres. Located at 1019 Perry Road
Rezoning to R-MF-2 “Multifamily Residential 2” to allow condominiums (for-sale multifamily) on a lot.
ZC22-0061 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.9 acres. Located at 1714 and 1720 W. Seventh St.
Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single-family Residential 6” to allow development of 13 single family lots.
ZC22-0060 Zoning Change – Approx. Located at 905 Bower Dr.
Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single-family Residential 6” for variance to side yard setback of an accessory building, and distance separation of accessory building from house.
ZC22-0057 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.2534 acres. Located at 2604 Alhambra Dr.
Rezoning to S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan – Single Family Residential” to allow structure to be 52’ high.
ZC22-0055 Zoning Change – Approx. 4.8489 acres. Located at 2230 E Union Bower Rd.
Rezoning to S-P-1 (ML-20) “Detailed Site Plan – Light Industrial” for a variance to the front setback to expand current nonconforming guard shack
Approved 12/8/2022
ZC22-0054 Possible Zoning Change- Located at 2326 Fairfax Drive.
Possibly Rezoning to S-P for R-3.5 (Duplex/Two-Family Residential) for a height variance
On Hold
ZC22-0050 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.02468 acres. Located at 1324 Richland St.
Rezoning to R-6 “Single Family Residential 6” for new house

Potential Comprehensive Plan amendment.
Denied 2/23/2023
ZC22-0046 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.61 acres
Located at 2605 W. Airport Fwy

Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-N) “Detailed Site Plan – Neighborhood Commercial” to allow a multi-tenant kitchen facility exclusively for delivery and pick-up food orders with a variance to the required parking
ZC22-0033 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.68 acres. Located at 1601 Valley View Ln.
Rezoning to C-N “Neighborhood Commercial” for a new shopping center.
ZC22-0032 Zoning Change – Located at 2105 Pearl Ln
Rezoning to R-6 “Single Family Residential” S-P-2 (R-6) “Generalized Site Plan - Single Family Residential” for a variance for a carport
Approved 2/23/2023
ZC22-0024 Zoning Change – Approx. 2.15 acres Located at 3701 – 3703 Jackson St.
Rezoning to ML-20 “Light Industrial”
Possible Comprehensive Plan Amendment required
ZC22-0002 Zoning Change – Approx. 0.33 Acres located at 1424 E. 6th St.
Rezoning to S-P-1 (C-C) “Detailed Site Plan – Community Commercial” and used auto sales
Comprehensive Plan Amendment requested