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Do you know what Irving city government has to offer? The answer may surprise you. Tune in to ICTN's City Source so you don't miss out on what's going on in your neighborhood.


May 5-MAY 18

The Irving Marathon draws thousands of runners to the Toyota Music Factory. Hear from some of the participants. Also, police are serving as carhops at Sonic to benefit Special Olympics. Those stories, plus how a major employer is helping to beautify a park, on “City Source.”

MAY 5-MAY 18

Irving’s Texican Court Hotel is celebrating its opening in a big way. On the next “City Source,” we’ll take you to the party, and show you some of the hotel’s unique style. Also, it’s time for students to dance as police pick up donations for Special Olympics. See some of the fun, and find out which school collected the most money. Those stories, plus a new concept for Office Depot opens in Irving, on the next “City Source.” 

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