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The Irving Public Library now offers Wi-Fi hotspots to provide Irving residents with free internet access at home. Any Irving Resident with a full access library card can borrow one for three weeks. To check out a hotspot visit the South Irving Library first floor info desk.

Using a Hotspot

  1. To turn a WiFi hotspot on, press and hold the Power button until the screen turns on.
  2. On a computer or device, search for the available Wi-Fi networks and select the hotspot Wi-Fi name. Then enter the password to connect to the internet. 
    • The Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password appear on the hotspot LCD display and are also printed inside the hotspot case.
  3. To connect additional devices, repeat Step 2 for each device.
  4. When finished using the hotspot, please power it off. Press and hold the Power button until the display shows "Goodbye."


  • If the hotspot battery is full, unplug it until it needs charging again. 
  • Do not leave the hotspot on 24/7. Turn it off when not in use to avoid overheating.
  • If you are having trouble accessing the internet, try the following troubleshooting steps: make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network (network name and password are printed on the hotspot device), turn your hotspot off and back on again, or turn your device off and back on again.
  • If you are still having trouble using your hotspot, call the South Irving Library at 972-721-2606. Library staff will not be able to troubleshoot your device over the phone, but they can help you request a replacement hotspot.
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Frequently asked questions:

What is a Wi-Fi hotspot?

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a small device that uses a cell phone signal to create a Wi-Fi network to connect your computer, tablet, or phone to the internet.

How do I get a hotspot?

You must be a resident of Irving with a library card that allows you to check out physical materials. If you don’t have a library card, you can sign up for one for free (learn how here). The hotspots can only be borrowed from the first-floor information desk at the South Irving Library. You will be asked to fill out a very short survey before borrowing the hotspot.

Can I place a hotspot on hold?

Yes. However, you can only choose the South Irving Library as your pickup location. hotspot cannot be shipped to the Valley Ranch or West Irving libraries. Please come to the first-floor information desk to collect your hotspot once you have received the notification that it is ready for pickup.

Why can’t I borrow a hotspot from the West Irving or Valley Ranch libraries? Why only the South Irving Library?

Hotspots cannot be sent to the other two library locations because the funding for them comes from a grant program that those locations are not eligible for. However, if you are an Irving resident who usually visits the West Irving or Valley Ranch locations, you are welcome to bring your card to the South Irving Library to check out a hotspot.

I tried to place a hold on a hotspot, but I got an error message saying “This item is not available to fill your request. Contact the library for assistance.” What’s wrong?

Please verify that you chose the South Irving Library as your hold pickup location. If you try to place a hold for a hotspot with the Valley Ranch or West Irving libraries as your pickup location, you will see this error message. If that does not solve your issue, please email or call the South Irving Library at 972-721-2606 for help placing your hold request.

I tried to place a hotspot on hold, but I got an error message saying "The request cannot be placed because your account has exceeded the maximum number of requests for this material type.' What's wrong?"

You must be an Irving Resident with a library card that can borrow physical items in order to place a hotspot on hold. You also can only have one hotspot on hold at a time. If you need help verifying the kind of library card you have or updating your account, or if you need assistance finding out what hold requests you have already placed, please contact the library for assistance at or 972-721-2606.

I am not an Irving resident, but I pay for an Irving library card. Why am I not able to check out a hotspot?

The hotspots are funded by a grant that restricts them to Irving residents only. Fortunately, many libraries in the DFW area offer Wi-Fi hotspot. We encourage you to contact your ‘home’ library to see if they can offer you access to a hotspot. You are also welcome to visit any Irving Public Library location and use the library’s own free Wi-Fi network.

How long can I keep the hotspot?

You may keep the hotspot for three weeks, just like a book. At this time no renewals are allowed for hotspot. You can place a hold to be put back in line for another hotspot.

What will happen if I don’t bring the hotspot back on time?

Service to the hotspot will be turned off the day after the hotspot is due. You will no longer be able to use the device to connect to the internet. The library does not charge overdue fines, but if you keep the hotspot for a long time past its due date, you may see a charge for $50 appear on your library account to replace the hotspot. This charge will be removed as soon as you return the hotspot to the library.

Is there a charge for using the hotspot?

No. Borrowing the hotspot is free, no matter how much data you use. However, patrons who lose a hotspot will be charged a $50 replacement fee.

Can I use the hotspot to stream video? Are there restrictions on what I can do with it?

The hotspot has unlimited data and can stream video in standard definition. However, access to some websites may be blocked. In order to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Library has placed a web filter on the hotspot.

What if I have trouble using the hotspot? How do I get help?

If you are having trouble connecting your device to the hotspot or accessing the internet from the hotspot, please try these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network and that you have entered the correct password. The network name and password are printed on the hotspot device.
  2. Turn off the hotspot and unplug it from the wall if it is currently plugged in. Wait 60 seconds and turn the hotspot back on. This will force the hotspot to restart and may solve the issue.
  3. Turn off your computer, tablet, or other device you are using to connect to the hotspot. Wait 60 seconds and then turn your device back on. Try connecting to the network again. This may solve your issue.
  4. Call the South Irving Library at 972-721-2606. Library staff will not be able to troubleshoot your device over the phone, but they can help you request a replacement hotspot.

How safe is my personal data that I transmit over the hotspot’s network?

The hotspots do not store any information about users or sites visited, and library staff cannot see any information about how you used the device. However, the network created by the hotspot could be accessed by another person, and the library cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted over the hotspot network. We recommend you treat the hotspot network like any public network you might connect to and avoid clicking any “share information with other devices on this network” boxes that you might see on your device.

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