Jacob Wong #1355

Wong Swear In

I was born and raised in Southern California and worked as a Police Officer in the Los Angeles area for 6 years. If you’re from California, or stay up on current events, you know all too well the host of issues that that State faces. My wife and I had always wanted to leave, but it wasn’t until we had our 2 baby boys that our decision to move was cemented.  

If we were to leave California, we knew we wanted to move to the best State in the Union, Texas. The Dallas Fort Worth area stuck out to us most, as the metroplex is huge, and is far enough North to dodge the hurricanes and humidity. The DFW area’s school districts are some of the best in the Nation, which was a big plus for my wife and I. After extensive research on departments in the area, Irving Police Department absolutely stood out as the best option. The department honors your previous experience in Law Enforcement and starts you with very competitive lateral pay, great benefits, and is a Civil Service Department. The department itself is big enough to allow for plenty of career paths and specialized units, but small enough to still feel close knit. 

In June of 2021 we made the move and joined the Irving Police Department family. Everyone in the department, every step of the way, has been amazing and made the transition smooth and comfortable. My monthly pay decreased slightly, however, due to the cost of living and no State income tax, I have more residual income than when I was in California.  

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, a State that honors and respects your constitutional rights, and a department that supports and backs their Officers, look no further than Irving Police Department, Texas. This has been the best decision my family has made and I would make this decision again 100 times over.