Municipal Drainage Rates

  1. FY 2022-23
  2. FY 2023-24

Municipal Drainage Rates

The following monthly rates are hereby established and shall be collected for drainage services furnished by the City of Irving. (Effective Nov. 1, 2022)

Residential (Based on lot size)

Lot SizeMonthly Rate
Less than 5,000 square feet (sq. ft.)
5,000 sq. ft. or larger$10.50
Townhouses, Duplexes$7.88
Mobile Homes$10.50


Meter Size
Monthly Rate
Triplex/Fourplex (per plex per month)


Meter Size
Monthly Rate
Under 10,000 SF parcel
10,001-20,000 SF parcel
20,001-45,000 SF parcel
Over 45,000 SF parcel*

* Impermeable land per square foot/month