Firefighter Candidates

Congratulations for completing the Civil Service Entrance Examination for Firefighter.

As a result of your achievement on the written test, the Irving Fire Department invites you to attend the Physical Agility Test (PAT) on Saturday, January 14, 2023. The test will be held at the Irving and Grand Prairie Joint Fire Training Facility, located at 4850 N. Beltline Road, Irving, Texas. Specific information regarding the PAT and your rank on the eligibility list will be provided via email by end-of-day January 12.

Required Paperwork for PAT:

  1. Application for Employment
  2. Personal History Statement
  3. Test Description
  4. Police and Fire Department Physical Agility Test Claims Release (Both Notary & Witness Required)
  5. Confidential Information Agreement Form (Notary Required)
  6. Personal Inquiry Waiver (Witness Required)
  7. First Check Disclosure and Authorization Form
  8. Notice and Authorization (2 copies)
  9. Forms Verification List (organize forms in order on list)