Fire Code, Inspections, and Permits

walk-in-plan review is no longer available. 

Please submit plans online


The City of Irving is currently under the International Fire Code, 2021 Edition, as adopted by ORD-2023-10699 in the Irving, Texas - Land Development Code.

For questions concerning the Fire Code for the City of Irving, plan review or information concerning inspections, call (972) 721-2651.


If you are a registered contractor applying for a fire permit, you can obtain a permit online. Fire permits include: fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire main underground and other fire safety related systems.

You can apply, pay for and print your own permit, as well as get results of inspections. If you need help, contact the MyGovernmentOnline Help Desk at (866) 957-3764.

Access the following documents for more information.

Knox Box/Locks

You can now order KNOX® Boxes and locks directly from the KNOX® website. Please select IRVING FIRE DEPT as your local department when ordering. View the Knox Box Locks page for more information.

Private Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants not owned by the City are considered Private Hydrants and must be serviced by the property owner. The Irving Fire Department must be provided with documentation on an annual basis stating private fire hydrants have been tested, inspected and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25. To learn more about this policy, visit the Private Hydrants page.

Tier II Reports

Properties that store hazardous chemicals must submit a Tier II report every year through the Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ). Go to the TCEQ Tier II Chemical Reporting page for more information.