Property Owners and Managers

Owners and managers of multifamily complex properties are responsible for ensuring the units and the exterior areas of their properties are in compliance with City of Irving code standards

For more information about these standards or inspection processes, contact the Irving Code Enforcement Department office at (972) 721-4948 during regular office hours or via email 24/7.


License fee is not required if already paid for the year by previous ownership.

  1. Licensing
  2. Tenant Issues


  • A completed, signed Multifamily License Application (PDF) is required each year, along with applicable license fee. Fees are based upon unit count. Hotels and motels are exempt from license fee. Irving Code of Ordinances, Section 8-19.
  • A valid license is required for all Multifamily Dwelling Communities, Manufactured Home / RV Communities, and Hotels/Motels. These licenses expire annually.
  • Annual renewals must be completed by the license expiration date:
    • Dec. 31 - Multifamily Dwelling and Manufactured Home/RV Communities
    • March 31 - Hotels and Motels
  • License fees are due by Dec. 31 each year. A late fee of 10 percent ($25 minimum) is assessed if paid in January. An additional 5 percent ($25 minimum) in late fees are added each subsequent month.


  • A completed, signed Swimming Pool Application (PDF) must be submitted for each new property.
  • Fee is $200 per body of water.
  • Annual renewals must be paid by the license expiration date. Fees double if not paid within 30 days from the expiration date.