1. Multifamily Complex Ratings

    Every multifamily complex in Irving is inspected annually and given a risk rating based on the condition of the property, age, infrastructure, etc. Risk rating score information is available upon request by calling (972) 721-4829.

    The rating scale is: 

    1. Above Average
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
    4. Unacceptable

    Since 2012, the City of Irving has no "Unacceptable" rated properties. The majority of the city's multifamily complexes are rated "Above Average” or “Average.”

  1. Maintenance Issues
  2. Complaints
  3. Resources

Tenants are responsible for keeping rented units in a clean, sanitary and safe condition, in accordance with lease terms and Irving Code of Ordinances, Section 8-25.

Tenants experiencing maintenance issues should first contact their property management and work with them. 

Irving Code of Ordinances, Section 8-27, requires property ownership and management to provide residents a 24-hour hotline for maintenance emergencies. This line must reach a live person that has the ability and authority to direct a response to the reported concern. This hotline number, as well as Irving Code Enforcement’s number must be posted in common area(s) of the property. 

If, after making contact with property management, conditions that might violate city codes continue to exist, tenants should contact Irving Code Enforcement by calling (972) 721-4829 during regular business hours or submitting an online form, available 24/7.