College Corner

The Irving Police Department is looking for fresh talent to join our ranks.  We are here to help you make your dreams come true, as you start your adventure into this noble profession.  We are seeking highly motivated people of strong character to continue the legacy that is the Irving Police Department. 

We will train you while you get paid

The Irving Police Department requires no previous law enforcement experience.  If you are selected to join this premier police department, we will provide you with all the equipment and training that you need. Your journey will start with the basic police academy, which is a mixed environment of traditional academics and a paramilitary feel. Upon successful completion, you will be a certified Texas police officer.  You will then be placed in a two-month Irving in-service training where we will teach you the "Irving Way".  This portion of training teaches you our report writing systems, our procedures, provides additional training in firearms as well as defensive tactics, and prepares you to provide exceptional service to the citizens of Irving.  You will then move onto a 17 weeks field training program where you will be mentored by a training officer. 

Get paid for your education

The Irving Police Department values education and you will receive an incentive pay monthly for your college credits.  We also offer a tuition reimbursement program for you to continue your academic goals, which you are eligible to receive once you are out of training. Check out our benefits page for more information.

  • 60 College hours- $70.00 Monthly
  • 75 College hours- $90.00 Monthly
  • Associates Degree - $100.00 Monthly
  • 90 College hours- $125.00 Monthly
  • Bachelor's Degree - $150.00 Monthly
  • Master's Degree - $200.00 Monthly

From College Athlete to Police Officer

If you have ever enjoyed being a part of a team, continued to push yourself to achieve your goals, and experienced the satisfaction of a win, it doesn't have to end once your athletic career is over. Just like being an athlete, police work takes dedication, a strong work ethic, resiliency, and determination. Take a look at our College Athlete to Police Officer webpage to hear some of our officer's first-hand experience of how their athletic career prepared them to succeed in law enforcement.

How to Become A Police Officer

The Irving Police Department has developed a class that helps prepare you to enter the law enforcement career path.  The class covers topics such as "Finding the Right Agency", "How to Make Yourself Stand Out To Police Agencies", "What is the Process to Become an Officer", and "How to Prepare to Become an Officer". This class will be presented occasionally through webinars which dates and times will be posted on our website.  Contact Investigator Moore if you are interested in attending a webinar or having this lecture taught to your criminal justice class or criminal justice club.

Irving Police Department Internship

We offer college internships for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.  More information can be found on the Irving Police Internship webpage.