Written Test

Those interested in becoming a firefighter or fire prevention specialist for the City of Irving must register to take an entrance examination. The Fire Department entrance exam is usually given once a year. A Firefighter Entrance Examination was administered on January 7, 2023. 

Test Day

  • Arrive earlier than the scheduled time
  • Bring government-issued photo identification, DD-214 if applicable
  • Follow the provided directions
  • Business attire is not required
  • Electronic devices will not be allowed (calculators, smartwatches, phones)
  • Hats must be removed during testing

When completing your answer sheet:

  • Fill in the bubble completely
  • If you erase an answer, be sure to erase it completely
  • Use a #2 pencil
  • When marking an answer on the answer sheet, be sure it corresponds with the question you are working on
  • Darken only one bubble for each question, you will not receive credit for those with multiple responses. 

Eligibility List

  • An applicant is ranked based on their written examination score. 
  • The list remains in effect for one year, after the list expires you must register again for the next entrance exam.
  • Five points are added to military personnel test scores who have received an honorable discharge(DD-214).
  • CLICK HERE to view the eligibility list created from the September 2, 2023 test.

Click Here to view our written test sample questions and answers. 



James C. Malone, Jr.,
(972) 721-4861
Email Recruitment Officer

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Mathematical Ability
  3. Mechanical Reasoning
  4. Teamwork, Public Relations and Community Living

This section tests the candidate’s reading readiness and written comprehension. Fire personnel must be able to readily understand building signage, written instructions, or warnings. 

Reading Comprehension