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Website Graphics MiY KidsOne of the best and most fun ways to learn is by hands on play, which is exactly what the MiY Kids experience is all about!

West's MiY Kids offers special events and classes such as code-a-drone, creating wind powered sailboats, programing a Sphero robot, build-a-bots, gear art, and culinary adventures in a working kitchen designed specifically for kids and teens!

These events and programs are curated by Irving Public LibraDrone Kid ry staff and kids are guaranteed to learn while having a blast.

All of the technology and equipment for MiY Kids is for use only during library facilitated programs and classes. Registration for these events is not required. Classes are offered for varying ages, and the age limit listed on each program's calendar listing will be honored in order to let as many kids or teens experience the event meant for that age group. 

Please visit the calendar listing for all upcoming MiY Kids events at West.