Pre-Development Meetings

Pre-development Meeting Overview

The Pre-Development Meeting is intended to assist the applicant (developer, owner, architect, or contractor) by providing information early in the development process. Applicants will have a chance to meet with multiple departments at once to inquire about city requirements and processes related to their proposed project. These regulations include those related to development, zoning, platting, utilities, traffic, and infrastructure, as well as fire and building code requirements. It is highly recommended that the applicant provide as much information as possible in the form of exhibits, site plans, conceptual plans, etc. with the meeting application for staff to be able to provide relevant information for the project at the meeting.

A Pre-Development meeting is recommended for:

  • Platting/Replatting of a property
  • Rezoning of a property
  • Change in Use for an existing building
  • New construction

One (1) hour meetings are held on Thursdays (subject to availability). Applicants may choose to have a meeting in person at the City of Irving City Hall or virtually (Zoom). In-person meeting slots can be reserved for Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Virtual time slots can be reserved for Thursdays at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Meeting reservations can only be made at least seven (7) days in advance of the next scheduled Thursday meeting date. 

 Filing a Meeting Request Application

A Pre-Development meeting can be booked online using the online booking tool at City of Irving Pre-Development Meeting Application.

  • Select your preference of service by choosing “Virtual” or “In-Person” meeting.
  • Once you have chosen the meeting type, select the Thursday on the calendar that you wish to schedule your meeting. 
  • After selecting the preferred meeting date, choose your preferred time from those available. If no time slots are shown, meeting times are not available for that date and type of meeting.
  • Upon selecting a meeting time, you will need to complete your contact details, as well as the required questions related to your project. This will serve as your application for the meeting. Note: Answers to all questions must be provided for you to be able to book the meeting time. 
  • Once you “Book” your meeting, you will be taken to a confirmation webpage. You will also receive a confirmation email after successfully scheduling your meeting. 

A staff person will contact you within 48 hours of your meeting confirmation to obtain any drawings or exhibits associated with your project. 

What takes place at the Pre-Development Meeting?

Departmental feedback will be dependent on the information and plans submitted with the meeting application. You will also need to come prepared to ask project specific questions of staff during the meeting. Requirements related to zoning, platting, landscaping, access & parking, fire lanes, building & fire codes, water service, drainage, and public infrastructure will be provided.