Fire Suppression and Equipment

Fire Suppression 

The Irving Fire Department responds to fire emergencies within the city limits. Mutual aid agreements with other Dallas County Fire Departments allows Irving to assist other cities when large or multiple emergencies exceed their capacity. These agreements also provide for assistance to the Irving Fire Department, when needed. The Irving Fire Department has 324 uniformed personnel assigned to Suppression Operations. Station personnel operate on a 24 hours on-duty, 48 hours off-duty shift.

IFD Apparatus

  • 12 front-line engines, the oldest of which is a 2010 Spartan 1500 GPM pumper
  • Five front-line trucks, the oldest of which is a 2009 Spartan 103 ft Aerial
  • Ten front-line Frazier Ambulances all of which are 2015 or newer
  • One 2015 Light/Air Utility vehicle
  • One 2009 Heavy Rescue vehicle
  • One 2009 All-terrain ambulance
  • One 2009 Zodiac Rescue Boat
  • One 2008 HarbourGuard Fire Boat
  • One 2004 Brush/Parking Garage Unit
  • One 2004 Haz-Mat Truck
  • One Fire Investigation Unit
  • One Fire Safety House
  • One Rehab Vehicle - IFD Canteen 1925
  • Various support vehicles, reserve apparatus and blockers.

Thermal Imaging Camera
The Irving Fire Department has Thermal Imaging Cameras on all front line fire apparatus. These instruments allow the firefighters to do the following:

  • Conduct search and rescue in wooden areas or water
  • Find hidden fires in walls
  • Find hot appliances
  • Make faster searches for victims in structures

The cameras are readily available on each unit and are taken in on all structure fires to search for victims.