Civils Plan Review

Civils Plan Approval

Approval of Civil Engineering Improvements Plans (“Civils”) are not required prior to formal submittal of a plat application. However, Sec. 1.13.2 (c)(1) of the City of Irving Unified Development Code states that a “plat cannot be recommended for approval until detailed engineering plans (“Civils”) have been approved by the City."

Therefore, staff highly recommends that Civil Engineering Improvements Plans (“Civils”) be reviewed and approved by the following City of Irving departments prior to formal submittal of a plat application:

• Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
• Traffic
• Water Utilities
• Fire

Plans shall be prepared under the direction of a professional engineer registered in the State of Texas and conform to the design standards established by the City of Irving. Such plans shall include details of paving, culverts, bridges, storm sewers, drainage channels, water mains, sanitary sewers, lot grading and erosion control, along with a copy of the draft plat. Plats submitted for review which do not have approved civil plans shall be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission for Disapproval per Chapter 212 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Submitting Civils Plans / Draft Plat and Application

The new online submittal procedure for civils plan packages uses the My Government Online (MGO) web-based system used by the City of Irving as noted below. This procedure is intended only for those civil packages associated with a plat application, not for pre-permitting comments. 

A Civils Plan Review application request and plans must be submitted online using the My Government Online (MGO) portal at

• Select “New Account” and follow the instructions for creating an MGO account, otherwise select “Login” if you already have an account.
• Once logged in, select “Current Jurisdiction”, and choose “Texas” and then “Irving” from the drop-down choices.
• Select “Apply Online for a Permit” and then choose “Permits & Inspections” as the project type.
• You will then select “Civils Review Application” from the list of application types and then enter all required information to complete the application.
• Once application is complete, you will upload/drag & drop your Civils plan set and/or Draft Plat on the appropriate screen and click “Next” once file has uploaded.
• If all information is correct and required plans have been uploaded, select “Submit.”

Responding to Civil Review Comments

Upon submittal of the application and plans, all appropriate city departments will review and provide comments. Projects of three (3) or fewer lots will be reviewed within ten (10) business days, and with those projects of four (4) or more lots being reviewed within twenty (20) business days. Length of review may be extended, if necessary, due to the complexity of the project or other extenuating circumstances. The applicant will be notified if additional review time is required. The applicant will receive a “Civil Review Comments Letter” at the completion of staff review.

When a revised/updated civil plan set which addresses all staff comments is ready, it can be uploaded to the project’s MGO Connect portal for follow up review. Once all staff comments have been properly addressed, the departments will approve it in the system and an Approval letter will be emailed to the applicant.