Food Trucks

Any vendor seeking a food truck fire inspection must schedule an appointment. Food truck fire inspections will be scheduled only on Tuesday mornings between 8:00am - 9:00am. 

To schedule a fire inspection for a food truck, please contact Irving Fire Administration at (972) 721-2651. There is currently no charge for these inspections. 

All other inspections for food trucks, such as health inspections and permits, are now managed by the Dallas County Environmental Health Division. For more information, please visit the

Top 5 common fire inspection requirements

This is not a comprehensive list. The Irving Fire Department has adopted the 2021 IFC for all fire inspections, including food trucks. 

  • Minimum 2A:10:B:C fire extinguisher mounted with current tag
  • Commercial kitchen hood extinguishing system with current tag
  • Class K fire extinguisher (for grease fires) also mounted and tagged
  • Documentation of annual gas leak test completed by approved party (e.g. licensed plumber) if applicable
  • Gas detector installed (for propane or natural gas, depending on what type is present)