Public Presentations


Citizens that would like to provide a presentation to Council must submit their presentation(s) to Information Technology no later than 2 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the work session or council meeting at

All electronic public presentations, including citizen comments, zoning, or individual consideration items that are to be presented before the City Council are to be provided consistent with the following instructions no later than Tuesday at 2 p.m. prior to each City Council meeting date. In order for your presentation to be approved for viewing, please adhere to the following:

  • Presentations are to be sent by email to Please note that there is a maximum email attachment size limit of 50MB.
  • If your presentation is larger, please bring a thumb drive loaded with your presentation, by the deadline, in an envelope marked with your name, Agenda Item #, email address and phone number to City Hall 1st floor reception desk for Information Technology - Attn: Fernando Nunez. Please also send an email to the above email address stating that you will be bringing a presentation to City Hall.
  • You may also provide further instructions or ask questions about your presentation at the above email address. IT will contact you should there be any issues or further needs.
  • Should you wish to have your thumb drive back, please let us know in your email and we will leave it with the 1st floor reception desk, otherwise the thumb drive will be destroyed after two weeks.
  • Please be aware that your presentation must be provided consistent with these instructions in order to be viewed at the City Council meeting(s).