Warrant Information

If You Receive a Notice

If you have received notice that your Irving citation is in warrant status, you will need to dispose of this matter immediately to avoid the possibility of arrest. City marshals are assigned to actively pursue individuals in warrant status and you may be subject to arrest. These warrants are entered into a statewide computer system and are valid throughout the state and are accessible to any peace officer.

Outstanding Warrants

Class C Misdemeanor Case Record Search - Irving only (excludes juvenile cases).  

You may retain an attorney to represent you in this matter, or you may personally appear at the Irving Municipal Court during normal business hours and inquire about the various options that would remove you from warrant status.

Disposing of Warrants

The most common options available to you for disposing of your warrant are (if eligible):

  • Appear in person and request to speak to the judge during the judge's hours.
  • Enrollment in Community Service.
  • Payment of fine in full.
  • Post a surety or cash escrow bond and request a new court date.
  • Request a time payment plan.
  • Retain the services of a bail/bonding agency.
  • Voluntary incarceration in the Irving City Jail.

The Warrant Clerical Section is responsible for processing, issuing, and tracking the status of all warrants that arise out of the Municipal Court. Additionally, the Warrant Clerical Section is responsible for the entry and clearing of all Irving Class C misdemeanor warrants that are on the regional computer system.