M/WBE Program

It is City of Irving policy to provide equal opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses (M/WBEs) in the city procurement process for all basic goods, professional services, construction and other solicitations. The City of Irving encourages the growth and development of M/WBEs that can successfully compete for contracting opportunities.

City Council Resolution No.1-11-07-021

Participation Goals

The Good Faith Effort (GFE) Plan establishes minimum subcontracting participation for all prospective bidders, proposers, and submitters to ensure a reasonable degree of MWBE participation in the City contracts.

Overall average goal is 26%, with specific goals as follows:

ConstructionArchitectural & EngineeringProfessional ServicesOther ServicesGoods

Prospective bidders / proposers are required to make a good faith effort to meet the established participation goals. Bidders must document their good faith effort to include minority- and women-owned businesses in the contract. Purchasing department staff will assist vendors with registration.

M/WBE certification agencies

Certifications from the following agencies are accepted by the City of Irving: