Doing Business With the City of Irving Purchasing Division

Where to Obtain ITB/RFP (Proposal) Information

  • Specifications and all applicable documents for sealed bids may be secured online by logging into the city's e-procurement website.
  • Notice of solicitations processed by the Purchasing Division are sent by email. In order to be notified automatically when new solicitations of interest are posted, vendors are encouraged to complete the Vendor Registration process which may be accessed at the link above. M/WBE vendors completing the registration process should also upload current certification information.
  • The City of Irving is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of solicitations picked up by third parties and re-posted on other websites.

Procurement Process

  • City of Irving's procurement process is determined by the following expenditure amounts:
    • $3,000 and below: Competitive bids are not required. Purchases may be processed by the requesting department or the Purchasing Division.
    • Over $3,000 through $50,000: At least three vendors must be contacted for competitive bids and, if available, two of the vendors must be registered as State of Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBS) in Dallas County. These bids/proposals may be received by fax, email, written quotations, or sealed process although it is the city's preference to receive these bids online. Purchases in these amounts are processed by the Purchasing Division.
    • Over $50,000: Sealed competitive bid or proposal process is required and is handled primarily through the Purchasing Division, unless specifically exempt by Texas state law.

Formal Bids / Proposals

A vendor has the sole responsibility to ensure that their bid or proposal is received in the Purchasing office by the due date and time indicated in the solicitation. Any hard copy documents must be date and time stamped by the Purchasing Division whether mailed or delivered. Responses received after the date and time designated in the solicitation are considered late and will not be accepted. All hard copy responses over $50,000 must be submitted in a sealed envelope or package.

City of Irving Annual Contracts

Term contract purchases are initiated primarily by the Purchasing Division for commonly used supplies and services. These contracts are for estimated annual quantities on an “as needed” basis, at fixed prices for a specific term. Renewal options may be included.

Cooperative Contracts

The City of Irving also utilizes competitively bid contracts from other cities, counties, and State of Texas agencies and various cooperative programs.

Opening Process

Sealed bid openings are held publicly. The only information provided at the RFP opening is a list of respondents.

After the ITB or RFP opening, response summaries are prepared by the Purchasing Division. Within a reasonable time after the opening, Purchasing posts a response summary on the City's website. This posting is provided for informational purposes only. Prior to award the requesting department evaluates the responses and makes a recommendation based on its findings. In some cases the apparent low bidder is determined not to be the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder. Also, corrections to the response summary may be made if errors are found during the evaluation of the responses.

Process to Award Bids and Proposals

After receipt of a recommendation for award from the requesting department, the Purchasing Division reviews the departmental recommendation, all required paperwork, including proof of insurance (if applicable), contracts, and/or any other properly completed and signed documents, etc., and proceeds with the appropriate award process and vendor notification. In the case of a procurement of $50,000 or more, the Purchasing Division places the item on the next available agenda for action by the Irving City Council. The Council makes the formal award.

Tax Exemption

The City of Irving is exempt from Federal excise, State sales and transportation taxes. Tax must not be included in bids/proposals or invoices. Tax exemption certificates may be faxed or mailed to your company by the requesting department or by calling Purchasing at (972) 721-2631.