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Department Services

The Solid Waste Services Department, through the Solid Waste Services Enterprise Fund, is responsible for solid waste collection and disposal services, including residential, recycling, brush and bulky waste, and special waste collection.

The department also operates the City of Irving Hunter Ferrell Landfill. The department’s three divisions are Administration, Solid Waste Collections and Solid Waste Disposal.


The City of Irving Solid Waste Services Department strives to provide exceptional service that is both economically and environmentally responsible while meeting the needs of Irving residents and exceeding all regulatory standards.

  1. 2016-08-recycling.jpg

    Trash, Recycle Bag Prices Increase Oct. 1

    Effective Oct. 1, the price of trash and recycling bags sold by the City of Irving will increase due to higher production costs. The price increases are a result of increasing resin costs from the material supplier of the city’s bag vendor. Read on...
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    Delays Continue for Brush/Bulky Waste, Recycling Collections

    The City of Irving Solid Waste Services Department is experiencing a staffing shortage that has impacted recycling, brush and bulky collection service. Read on...
  3. The word &#34grease&#34 written in congealed grease in a fry pan.

    Proper Grease, Oil Disposal Helps Protect City's Sewers

    Food waste should be managed appropriately to avoid costly issues with clogged pipes. Help maintain the integrity of sewer infrastructure by properly disposing of fats, oils, grease (FOG) and other food debris after cooking. Read on...
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